Livemocha Developer is a leading software development startup providing customized digital solutions for businesses and individuals worldwide. Our team of full-stack developers, designers and innovators has designed and developed over 42 digital solutions across industry verticals. As a tight-knit team of website and app experts, designers, and full-stack developers, we conduct collaborative research and development to create next-generation apps and solutions perfectly suited to the evolving technology space.

As a technology pioneer with deep knowledge and experience in websites, apps and other advanced technologies, Livemocha Developer Born in mid 2009 as WorkSoftware more in 2017 after a year of the death of the former livemocha.com which was closed by Rosetta Stone who had bought the old site, the WorkSoftware manager was unhappy with the closure of the livemocha.com site which had helped a lot of people to learn a new language, so he decided to continue the idea and WorkSoftware Rewrote its history with its new name Livemocha Developer in homage to the old Livemocha website, one of the first highly successful projects of this startup registered in brazil, was a system called getlang that recreated the old livemocha concept for language learning today accessed at www.livemochas.com and then started to create systems and varied applications in high-scale production, that's how this development laboratory was born that is aimed at creating all kinds of applications to help companies overcome their most complex technological challenges and drive business growth.

Our CEO and owner of Livemocha Developer is called A. lourenço, he graduated with a harvad course in Computer Scientist, and also over the 14 years of experience with the company he also graduated in an Application Development specialist and Websites.

Our motto is, 'You dream it: we build it', this reflects our business philosophy. From realizing your idea to delivering the expected final product, we do whatever it takes to make your project a success. Make your project on Livemocha Developer!